Monday, February 11, 2013

Data Entry Outsourcing & Safety Concern

Outsourcing or sourcing is a great business tools, as per many leading business intellectuals and owners. Extension of internet the outsourcing trend has gained remarkable boost and business from across USA, Australia, Canada and other European nations have started outsourcing their time consuming, expensive business needs to offshore professionals and companies in search of low cost workforce, gain access to world class capabilities, technologies and services without worry about infrastructure, hiring, management, retention and other issues.
With benefits like time and cost reduction some safety concerns also comes to limelight while transferring data, or while entering data, data security breach, data theft etc. Here finding the right vendor for all outsourcing needs has become very crucial. Acquiring a perfect deal results in increased productivity, better revenue generation and cost saving, streamline business process.

Outsourcing data entry projects, or other business process outsourcing work to different countries should be well analyzed well before hand.

Despite having safety concern 60% plus business owners believe smart outsourcing can helps them sleek SLA and out beat competitive business environments. And access to new technologies allows them to reduce cost and enhance the quality of back office and day to day data entry tasks.

Rules of outsourcing to be on safer side:

• With cost saving also look for innovative and flexible business opportunities
• Don’t take tempted decisions, investigate first
• Look for the value added benefits and free trial to start with
• Incorporate current market intelligence and pricing trends
• Pre-decide vendor strategy
• It’s best to look for strong business relationship than one time job
• Go for short time SLA
• If services are not per your expectation, it’s never too late to pull back

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Monday, January 14, 2013

10 Benefits Outsourcing Data Entry Services

In past we have witnessed in-house data entry of all the back office data entry or typing of documents, files etc. However, with the increase in business spread, competition the volume and variety of data entry requirement has increase and supporting it through an in-house data entry department requires regular expense of professionals employment, infrastructure purchase, training, management, perks and benefits cost associated with the management.

To tackle the problem more organizations are outsourcing their data entry, data typing or document management services to professional data entry companies. Outsourcing data entry tasks to professional’s data entry service providers not only maximize efficiency and standardize the documentation, back office procedures but also helps to eliminate cost associated with in-house data entry department management.

Below are some of the beneficial reasons to outsource data entry services to reliable data entry service providing companies in India.

10 Benefits Outsourcing Data Entry Services:

• Guaranteed accuracy of over 99.98%
• Timely delivery of data entry tasks
• Facility to administrate data entry task as and when needed
• Customize delivery options to choose from
• Automated, easy and secure data distribution as access
• Improved productivity with timely completion of back office work
• Bulk document, files or other data entry in preferred turnaround time
• Advance technologies, equipments access
• Reduced cost on infrastructure, management, employee etc
• Access to professionally trained team of data entry workforce etc

Benefits of outsourcing data entry projects to leading data entry service companies in India is not limited to above mentioned list. For those who want to utilize quality working hours in doing core business activities other than time consuming, tedious data entry task, outsourcing is best.

Is your data entry requirements are completed timely and efficiently? If not than you must seek professionals help.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Data Entry Services Online - Is it Helpful?

Online data entry services, no longer remains simple data input to provided computers or electronic devices.

With the evolution and growth of business the data entry services have taken specialize needs and thus as a data entry professional one need to have firm knowledge on various skills and should have wide industrial terminology knowledge.

Companies do check on abilities and expertise of individuals and online data entry service providers before employing them for business data entry needs. If they match the much needed skill set than it is helpful for your business data entry.

Some of the common skills and knowledge needed:

• Accurate typing skills
• High level of accuracy
• Touch typing skills
• 80 to 90 words per minute preferred
• Experience of working on ms word, excel, power point, ms access, open office etc
• Familiarity on commonly used software, tools in data entry
• Excellent communication skills
• Multiple language reading, writing and spoken skills
• 10 key data entry
• Clerical data entry
• Quick alpha numeric data keying skill
• Highest keystrokes per hour
• Web research, data copy past skill
• File management
• Efficiency in managing files

Some of specialize data entry online services:

• Data Entry in SAP
• Data capturing
• Data cleansing
• Clinical Data entry
• Data entry of medical records
• Insurance data entry
• Sales data entry
• Accounting data entry
• E-commerce data entry
• Industry base forms entry
• Data entry to websites or database
• Catalogue data entry etc

Selecting professional data entry online services providing company having adequate skills and years of experience to trust on will proven beneficial for companies outsourcing their data entry services.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

BPO and Data Entry in 2013 - Strategic Service and Solutions

What is Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)?

In simple business language BPO is sub contracting of operational data to day activities and responsibilities which is more time consuming, or need experts help, or where advance technologies and equipment's are needed. Where as the bottom line results expected by outsourcing BPO Services and data entry, back office work is to reduce cost and time while adding more efficiency.

Employing third party service provider enables outsource-r to gain access of expertise processed by the outsourcing partner. BPO fundamentally categorized for back-office outsourcing which covers functionalists such as:

Data Entry Outsourcing:

It is simple process of converting data or information available on one medium or format to another format majorly electronic format. Data entry services has various verticals depending on industry for which it is done, specialization needed etc.

Some Basic Data Entry Services Outsourced:

• Online / Offline Data Entry
• Medical Data Entry
• Financial Data Entry
• Documents Data Entry
• Data Entry for legal documents
• Word data entry
• Data typing
• Data copy past
• Data cleansing
• MS excel data entry
• Business data entry
• Invoice data entry
• Online forms data entry
• Image data entry
• Product and services entry
• Alphanumeric data entry
• 10 key data entry
• And more

Other Outsourcing Options:

Data Processing outsourcing
Data conversion outsourcing
Web Research outsourcing
Front Office outsourcing
Document, File Scanning & Indexing
Human Resource Outsourcing
Outsourced document processing
Customer Related Service Outsourcing
Call Center, Contact Center Service Outsourcing etc

Benefits and limitations:

BPO and Data entry services outsourcing has its own limitation and benefits. Access to new breed of skillful workforce, better technology, best process and services in its class without expending on management, infrastructure, improved services level and cost reduction are some of the salable benefits.

Off shoring has some limitation also, with the reduction in people to job ratio it is opposed in many countries. Apart from it data sensitivity is another issue which is proving as a limitation for outsourcing.

BPO and data entry outsourcing has a potential of reducing immediate cost saving pressure and enhancing business goal in long run.

Business process outsourcing in India has witnessed many other form of outsourcing (Credit Services, Health Administration, Industry-specific, Insurance, Network, Pharmaceutical, and Utilities BPO) in recent years making it one of the most preferred destinations of dynamic, young, trained and talented workforce perfectly suitable to every business and industry off shoring needs and best is yet to come in year 2013.

Bea Arthur, author and intellectual working at Data Entry India (DEI) leading provider of outsource data entry and other BPO services since, 1992. Focusing on varies horizons of industrial back-office and outsourcing needs and developing efficient ways for cost-effective solutions through its robust technologies, specialize workforce and proven procedures. Inquire for more information on

Friday, December 14, 2012

Data Entry Experts – Skills and Expertise Needed

Data entry professionals and services are almost needed for every business and industry available. Companies, agencies and organizations either hire in-house data entry operators or data entry clerks or data typists to complete back-end and various data entry requirements at their premises. Some prefer to hire freelance data entry workforce to work from their homes for the assigned data entry work. But if the data entry or typing or formatting work is huge and regular than outsourcing it to data entry companies helps to get timely completion of data entry projects.

Variety of skill sets and abilities are needed to be proficient in data entry services, and big data entry companies are conducting regular training facilities for their staff to make them aware of every new technologies, requirement criteria’s, quality factors, and data security measures.

Some of the most desired skill needed by companies hiring data entry professional’s world wide are listed as follows:

• 10 key data entry
• Clerical skills
• Highest KPH
• Over 10000 ksph
• Numeric data keying
• Alpha numeric data typing
• Accurate keystrokes per hour
• Maintaining highly accurate data entry
• Numeric form filling
• Data entry to online application
• Outlook, mailing skills
• MS Word, Excel, Power point skills
• Internet skills
• Data copy and past
• Web research and website navigation
• File management skills
• Efficient communication skills
• Adobe and acrobat knowledge
• Accounting and financial terminology knowledge
• Analytical and mathematical skills etc

Responsible, dedicated and professionals who can spend long time on computers are able to survive and progress in data entry and BPO industry.

Author: Bea Arthur, professional at Data Entry India (DEI), an experience data entry and BPO services providing company since, 1992. Offering top-notch data entry and typing services across USA, Canada, UK, Australia and other European. Inquire more information and benefits on